Relax with a glass of absinthe alcohol in your hand

Following a week of hard work and stress you can easily free your body and mind from unwanted tension once you relax with a glass of absinthe alcohol within your hand. This glorious drink entered the western world from the late 1700s, was banned by a number of countries in the 1900s due to several misconceptions, and is now making an entry back as a unique alcoholic drink featuring its own signature flavor and color.
absinthe glass
Historically, absinthe drinks were also known as absinthe green fairy because of the green color created from the herb Artemisia Absinthium or Grande Wormwood, along with several other herbs and flowers. Absinthe also includes Thujone, which is found in the form of oil in wormwood and which was said to release toxic chemicals in the drinkers body upon consumption. The resultant absinthe effects included hallucinations, convulsions and even violent behavior in some of its early drinkers. The issue was traced towards presence of huge levels of Thujone in those drinks and the high strength of the alcohol of almost 68% during early drinks as people did not dilute it to safe levels absinthe recipe.

Most European countries as well as the United States slowly lifted the ban from absinthe alcohol as earlier problems were traced to high levels of Thujone and extra chemicals which were put into inferior quality absinthe drinks. Modern absinthe liquor also requires a fair degree of dilution with water to make it safe enough to drink in moderate quantities. Several absinthe brands in addition have started appearing in markets around the globe and also provide a number of colors apart from the standard green.

Most modern distillery methods also manage to remove most of the Thujone content from absinthe wormwood, thus making it a safe and tasty anise-flavored drink. If you wish to try out a new liquor then you definitely must also obtain a few absinthe accessories to develop the right mood. You can opt for absinthe glasses that are available in several shapes and sizes, as well as purchase the absinthe spoon, that is perforated in various patterns. This spoon holds the sugar cube, which will dissolve as you pour water over it before it flows in the glass filled with absinthe drink. The ultimate absinthe fairy will be a milky colored, sweet and bitter drink with a distinct flavor that’s sure to please your palate and your senses.

However, you should be certain that you simply buy real absinthe drinks created using actual wormwood rather than cheap fakes that might contain unwanted chemicals and colors blended into them. In case you are wondering on where to buy absinthe then you can also hop on the internet and choose from a number of reputed online retailers that offer genuine absinthe alcohol drinks. When you get used to enjoying absinthe then you can also make this delicious drink right in your own home by buying an absinthe kit that includes all accessories and recipes necessary to make delicious absinthe drinks right at your home, and that too at a fraction of the cost of bottled absinthe drinks absinthe fountain.

If you’re an alcohol connoisseur then you definitely should try this infamous alcoholic drink that has been making a robust come-back into the western world. You can try out absinthe alcohol in the form of readymade drinks or can even try out delectable absinthe recipes right at home with the assistance of absinthe kits, so as to relax with a cool glass of absinthe in your hand.