What makes speyside whisky unique

Speyside whisky originates from the location of Strathspey that is found in the actual northern eastern part of Scotland. The Speyside area can easily end up being known as the middle of whisky production within the entire of Scotland. This particular area is home to the largest number of scotch distilleries. This particular region is sometimes confused with the additional whisky developing region of Scotland known as the Highland region Www.bestmeadyeast.com. Although Speyside is geographically part of the Highland region, this area is very separate when it comes to the whisky trail.

This particular region is recognized as individual from the Highland region as Speyside whisky has a completely different character through its Highland counterparts. Speyside whiskies are more intricate but are full of flavor and taste and rather mild in character. Actually, it can very easily be said that Speyside whiskies really are a little sweet in taste. They have a very slight peaty personality which feels a lot more like a whiff of smoke cigarettes. A few of the single malts produced in this region are also very perfumed. The notes that are reflected in these whiskies are mostly that of violets, roses, carnations, bananas, apples, lemonade or even cream soda.

The river Spey cuts across the Speyside area and has many whisky distilleries utilizing water directly from this river in their whisky production. Two of the greatest selling solitary malts on the planet are produced in the Speyside region. These Speyside malts are the Glenfiddich and the Glenlivet.

Glenlivet distillery falls in the upper Spey area of Speyside. This distillery was established in 1824 as well as has been around a continuous condition of operation. It had been only during the World War II this distillery needed to close its doorways. But post war, this was the actual distillery that performed an extremely large role in checking up on the worldwide demand of whisky.

These days, the Glenlivet distillery is actually owned by Pernod Richards the industry French alcoholic beverage company. In fact apart from being sold as a single malt scotch whisky, the Glenlivet is also accustomed to make other blended premium whiskies for example Chivas Regal and Regal Salute. This particular distillery has just been growing and in 2008 the expansion plans of this Speyside whisky had been revealed. In order to keep up with the growing demand of Glenlivet new stills, new mash tun and brand new wash backs were to be set up.

The other Speyside whisky that has wowed the world is the Glenfiddich. This particular distillery had been established in 1886 by William Grant in Dufftown in Scotland. This area is located in the attractive River Fiddich valley. This manufacturer takes its name through Gaelic and translates to �valley of the deer�. This solitary malt has taken the world by storm and is considered as one of the top selling single malts on the planet.

In fact, Glenfiddich is the only Speyside whisky that is distilled, matured and bottled at a single distillery. Much like the other distilleries, the actual Glenfiddich distillery as well runs on the solitary supply of natural spring drinking water from the Robbie Dhu springs. So renowned is Glenfiddich in flavor that it is now being sold in over 180 countries and also accounts for almost 25% of the general single malt product sales.